Whether you are buying a house or moving into rented accommodation, it’s likely that you’ll move with leftover bits in the fridge. In these cases it’s important to preserve food properly, ensuring it is safe to eat and won’t spill over your possessions in transit. Here’s how to do it…

For Freezers: Bags & Ice Aplenty

For those with big freezers, it can be harder to plough through the backlog in time for your removal. In this case, invest in a large, top-rated freezer bag and ensure every bit of free space is filled with ice packs or ice cubes. This should be sufficient for the few hours that you move. Then, once you’re at the new place and everything is unpacked, you have ice for the celebratory drinks!

Remember, older freezer models need to stand for up to 24 hours before switching on, so that the internal gasses settle. Check with your manufacturer if this is the case. If so, you may want to consider our second option…

Donate & Let Others Enjoy!

Unexpected food tastes good! Neighbours, friends and local food banks will be grateful for your cans, soups and non perishable donations. There’s a nice sense of wiping the slate clean when you move house to an empty cupboard. It also gives you an excuse to go out and explore your new community. What better way to make friends and break the ice than to give local businesses your custom with a full food shop?

Eat It!

Not the most complex solution but certainly the easiest. Rather than fuss over containers and icepacks, just eat your food before you move! All it takes is a little planning and creativity and you can make meals out of every last thing in your cupboard.

Top Tip: This incredible website suggests recipes based on what you have remaining in your fridge. Try it for yourself it’s really quite remarkable.